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Door Beams

Photoelectric Beam Sensor

7m Outdoor Beam and
Reflector IR-700L

(Product Code 45-150)
30m Photoelectric Beam
Sensor IR-3000L

(Product Code 45-200)
  • 12V DC
  • IP66 waterproof
  • Highly reliable performance
  • Presence detection for industrial automation
  • Intrusion Alarm
  • Entry passing detection
Detection Type Retro-reflection
Model No. Light-on 45-150 45-200
Sensing range
0.5 - 7M 0.5 - 30M
Supply voltage
Response time
10ms max
Emitting element IR LED IR LED
Operation indicator
Yellow LED (Stable)/Red LED (turn on when output is in the ON state)
Control output Relay Contact 1c
Switching capacity: DC 30V/0.6A (Resistive load)
Environmental Protection IP66 (IEC)
Ambient temperature -20ºC to +55ºC


(Product Code 45-250)
The Paradoor was created to handle narrow vertical-view applications such as card-access exit requests, protection of windows, doors, paintings or other art objects, monitoring customers at entry/exit of stores and other security situations where non-volumetric protection is called for. The unique dual rectangular sensor element with split geometry was designed for the Paradoor. This provides a fast and efficient response from a very narrow real full-curtain beam, without the need for a high-gain amplifier. The Paradoor can accurately detect movements caused by a hand-sized object (access control) up to 2.1m (7ft) and movements of a human body (security applications) up to 6.6m (21ft). Loads of up to 2 amps can be driven by the Paradoor, with an optional transistor output, selectable to N.O. or N.C. operation, in order to directly activate electromagnetic door locks. Operating voltage can be selected at either 12 or 24 volts and the Paradoor also has an adjustable signalling (alarm) period from 0.5 to 25 seconds. Specifications







Pattern of Coverage

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Sensor  Dual element, low noise, high response
Processing  Threshold, APSP, Automatic Temperature Compensation (Metal Shielding)
Detection Speed  0.6-23ft/sec 0.2m-7m/sec
Operating Temp.  14ºF-122ºF (-10ºC-+50ºC)
Power Input  9-16V DC or 20-27V DC, 18mA maximum
Lens  Lodiff Segment real full-curtain Fresnel lens
Coverage  7’ (2.1m) for card access, 21’ (6.6m) for security
Zones  1 (Full Curtain), 2 positions
Alarm/Signal  Green LED - 0.5 sec to 25 sec adjustable
Alarm Signal Output  0.15A/28V, 2A/28Vdc transistor open collector, selectable to N.C. or N.O.
Anti-Tamper Switch  0.15A, 28V dc, opens when cover removed
Humidity  95% maximum
Weight  3oz (85g)



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